A Move to End all Moves

This blog started with a move. And since it’s beginning, we’ve moved an additional six times. The seventh move, scheduled for next month, better live up to it’s meaning – perfection. The seventh move better be a move to end all moves. It’s time to settle.

But I am good at moving. I’m quick, skillful, and I even manage to stifle most of my sighing. One of our many moves involved fitting everything into a 4 x 6 x 6 trailer. One move was just across town, but Ryan and I moved everything ourselves. Two moves were across country; one with a three-month-old. Three moves involved splitting our stuff into what we would need for the next few months and what could be stored. And the last move – the sixth – was with a one-month-old and a one-year-old. It definately outranked all the others for difficulty in packing.

But this time, we’re buying a house. This time, we’re committing indefinitely. This time, I’m throwing away the boxes. All of them. I’m cutting the ties to my vagabond ways.

It’s probably about time – time we settle long enough to spring clean, time we cut our own grass, time we know the stories behind the marks on the wall.

It’s time for us to be home, time to chance staying put.

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