Sniffing for Survival

There’s something foul in Bronson’s bowl.

I know. TMI, but this is my life – toddler poo and goo and toddler demands opposed to parental commands. Just be glad I didn’t include an image.

I don’t know what’s awry in his digestive tract, but I do know that his belly-bound-brother is seriously offended. So much so, he kicks my gag reflex into gear every time I try to change Bronson’s diaper. As if the poo isn’t disgusting enough.

There were a few miraculous days where Ryan changed every poopy diaper – Bronson’s display of impeccable timing. But then I was alone. And there it was – a coping mechanism.

I sniff powder.

The kind that’s cornstarch clothed in pink. I take a hit of baby powder before I change his diaper, and I liberally take additional hits as needed. A mother’s got to do what a mother’s got to do.

Don’t judge. I really don’t think you’ve ever smelt anything quite like this.

One thought on “Sniffing for Survival

  1. I DID! I totally feel your pain! We ran the trash with the "diaper" in it, out to the garage before you hit Bangor st! You poor thing. I am sure it will be the first topic broached at his next Doctors visit….as it should be!

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