Wrangling Words

When wrangling words, I wiggle and waggle. Everything distracts from writing.

My tongue is parched by the blank screen and blinking cursor. I get a drink, which leaves me longing for a sweet taste on my lips. I look around for food. Nothing’s quite enough to strengthen my fingers for the typing at hand. I make a grocery list. Next time I need better snacks. Considering groceries, I check our checking account. I’m bored by what we’ve been eating, so I check pinterest. Which reminds me of a friend I haven’t messaged back. My Facebook needs tending. While I’m at it, gmail should be checked. And before I know it, the screen is blank; the cursor is blinking; and Bronson is babbling in the next room.

I’m trying to turn over a new leaf in writing: discipline.

I’ve always written when the mood strikes. I start writing assignments ahead of time, so I can write when I want, not when I have to.

But the fact is: writers write. Even when they don’t want to, even when the words on the screen are boring and tedious, even when they’d rather be doing anything else.

In a book I read recently, the author stated that when she first began writing, she had to tie herself to the chair. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that.

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