A lot of relationships die. People move, change, grow apart. They move on, become different people. They grow distant.

Relationships that ebb and flow with the tides of life are rare. The stamina to stick it out is first fueled by just showing up, again and again. Even when its awkward, or tiring, or boring, or inconvenient.
Sometimes God feels distant. I’ve changed, grown apart. It’s stale. I want to quit. I feel nothing, but I  keep showing up.
My husband and I road tripped to Virginia this weekend. 25 hours for a dual reunion: my maid of honor, my husband’s best man. Through these friends and others like them, I’ve learned a lot about staying connected even when we’re distant:

  1. Staying in touch requires consistency. Random interactions aren’t sustaining. Setting and sticking with a plan increases the likelihood that we’ll actually stay in touch.
  2. Communication often needs to happen at inconvenient hours – before my eyes are really open or after my eyes want to shut.
  3. Shared time is both grand and tedious. We go on last-minute excursions to reconnect, but we also talk about laundry and contacts.
  4. Communication begets more communication. If we go a long time without talking, we’re more likely to feel like we have nothing to talk about.
  5. No matter how long it’s been, we can always reconnect.

    So these friendships survive. When I feel like I’m having a long-distance relationship with God, I apply the lessons I’ve learned from my mostly-seen-on-skype friends, and just keep showing up.

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