Excess for Access

Photo borrowed from Living Water International.

With all the bunny ears and colored eggs, chocolate and peeps, sometimes Easter doesn’t feel very resurrectional.

But Easter is the beginning of something completely new: a radical way of life defying logic and selfishness; a complete outpouring of hope and love and generosity. And for the 50 days after Easter, Jesus lived showing us what a completely redeemed life looks like.

For the past few years, I’ve participated in a campaign for simplicity and generosity (launched on Easter). It’s a time to recognize that my life is busy and filled with excess while much of the world is distantly deprived.

The Overflow Project invites us to a 50-Day Challenge: Give up something. Simplify. Do a spring cleaning of your life. Save your savings. Give it away generously.

At the end of 50 days (Pentecost), we pool our savings together, providing funds to grant communities access to clean water. Clean water is key in making a sustainable difference in poverty stricken areas.

We give up our excess. They get access – to something most of us take for granted.

Want to know more and get involved? Check out their website – www.theoverflowproject.org, or find them on facebook.

Chart borrowed from Living Water International.

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