Massive Montana

Two Medicine, Glacier National Park

It was love at first site with Montana. But after 800 miles of driving, eastern Montana proved to be too much for my road-tripping palate.

On Friday night, we stayed in Thompson Falls – the self proclaimed home of western hospitality. We were warned of a mother bear and two baby cubs, but only saw white tail deer. Though the warning was useful for loading the car extra quick on Saturday morning.

Because shortcuts always catch my attention, Ryan and I turned down Thompson River Road, hoping to make it to route 2 within an hour. Unfortunately the tar disappeared along with our sense of direction. We spent a few hours lost in the woods, only accompanied by large muddy trucks with orange hatted occupants. When we stopped one for some directional assistance, he told us we were 150 miles away from route 2. Thankfully, he was kidding. Although, 20 miles still seemed baffling. The half-albino deer sighting was the only redeeming feature of this off-the-beaten-path side trip.

Finally on route 2, we headed towards West Glacier, and then turned to follow the outskirts of Glacier National Park since the Going-to-the-Sun road is closed this time of year. The foggy morning and aspen foliage made for some stunning photos. And once over the Rocky Mountains, blue skies and mountain vistas lined the road. Bronson was a trooper and added Glacier as his fourth national park in 3 months of life.

We made it to Great Falls for the night and set out on MT-200 early this morning. At first there were mountains to our sides, but quickly the scenery turned dull and predictable. Driving 85-90 mph didn’t even help.

We stopped in Winnett to get something to drink and feed Bronson. When I visited the restroom in the General Store, there were two toilets side-by-side in one room – just in case your conversation can’t stop while you and your best friend defecate.

In Circle, Montana Ryan and I noted that you know you’re in a small town when the nicest building and sign is for the local John Deere dealer.

Montana- home of big sky, big bear, big mountains, big everything. So big, 25 percent of our entire trip was spent crossing it.

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