Sayonara Seattle

For the first time in a long time, I was thankful for the rain. It made it easier to say one last goodbye.

We drove down Queen Anne yesterday morning, headed for I-90 east. I was reminded of how the unfamiliar became familiar, how the unknown became known. Just over three years ago, I-5 was completely foreign. Getting to I-90 from Queen Anne was baffling. Walking, running, biking, hiking in drizzle seemed unnecessary. We had no idea Mount Rainier sulked behind the clouds. The busy city seemed lonely.

Now we can drive on autopilot (except for our road rage). Drizzle stops nothing. The phrase “the mountain is out” is part of our regular vocab, and we know people. We know Seattle.

But it’s time to say goodbye.

So we drove east. Over Snoqualmie pass, over the Columbia River, through the long, boring Washington middle, past Spokane, over 4th of July pass, and into Montana. The trek is now normal. We’ve driven the route several times, so the goodbye hasn’t settled yet. It just seems like one of our many excursions.

But it’s not. It is goodbye.

So here’s a thanks to the emerald city – drizzle will never hold me back again. Walking everywhere seems entirely reasonable. Coffee hydrates. Stunning sights are just one clear day away.

To the Bethany community – a thanks for a beautiful church, for a place that challenged us and provided opportunities to serve.

To the K2 crew – Ryan would have many thanks, but I’m thankful for a place where my husband could work his dream. I’m also thankful for all the savings found in free gear. 🙂

To the GSWW crew – many thanks for our constant change forward, and especially for all the random quotes.

To the many SPU alumni and current friends – we’re thankful Seattle has a college that brings so many awesome people to one place. There are too many of you to name, but I love that you welcomed us so thoroughly into your community that Ryan and I were often mistaken for SPU alumni.

To our Queen Anne neighbors – thank you for your friendliness. And to Dori, your presence made our place of residence a home.

So, sayonara Seattle. Until we meet again.

I did have a brief thought that I would never drive on the Alaskan Way Viaduct again, but I have no doubt Seattle will delay the tunnel’s construction long enough for me to roll along it once again.

One thought on “Sayonara Seattle

  1. Though it has been a while since we've met, I still think about you & keep up with you on FB. Can I say how proud I am of how far you've come? I am! It has been wonderful to see how God has blessed you so graciously. May He give you safe passage on your way home.Love always,Jana M.

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