The Plan

What’s the plan, Phil?
It’s one of Ryan and I’s all-time favorite lines from Modern Family. While the old beat-up station wagon is rolling back towards it’s doom by a cliff (after attempted a reincarnation of family time), Phil jumps on the hood as if it’ll stop the car from rolling backwards and Claire, his wife, with arms raised, exasperates, “What’s the plan, Phil?”
Ryan and I recently went to see Adjustment Bureau, a movie that explores whether or not we have a choice about “The Plan” for our lives. In it, Damon’s told his plan involves becoming Senator and later President, and the woman he’s fallen in love with is on a path to become one of the best dancers and choreographers of her time. But if they stay together, they’ll stray off course, never meeting their full potential.
It’s stressful thinking about what our plan may be – what we’re meant to accomplish and the ways our daily choices may keep us from building those monumental legacies that we often yearn for.
Thankfully, our lives aren’t about what we accomplish – they’re about who we become. The plan isn’t that we succeed by society’s standards; it’s that we become the best version of ourselves. That we learn to hope, forgive, reconcile, love, stand for truth, enjoy life, be humble and engage in relationships. We may learn these things while becoming rich or being poor, being famous or marginalized, being successful or meeting failure.
Regardless, we’re invited into a plan with a remarkable amount of freedom, knowing we can trust that accomplishment isn’t the standard of measurement for success, being who we were created to be is.

2 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Denise, this post is wonderful! how many times we try to fulfill people's expectation (and plans for us) and we forgot that we just need to please our heavenly father 🙂

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