Seattle Snow

Seattle and snow don’t usually mix. Rain holds a monopoly on our weather, but on occasion, snow surprises us.

It’s a good day when I walk out my door to a winter wonderland. There’s something magical about snow. And there’s nothing magical about rain. I love the way the big fluffy flakes dance on my nose and eye lashes causing me to squint all the way down Queen Anne hill. Snow always reminds me of childhood, of wonder and of fun.

But snow isn’t just playful—it’s also serene. Quiet takes over as the flakes stack themselves on the grass and ground. The blanket of white causes a buffer against noise—both inside my head and on the streets. Although, terrified drivers occasionally interrupt my silence with their whining cars as they attempt to go down Taylor Ave in first gear. I stay far away from every vehicle, well aware that Seattle drivers clash with winter wonderland.

Snow is a visual reminder of grace and redemption. As it falls, it covers all things, transforming ugly, dead leaf piles into pillows of soft snow. Snow is a testament that ugliness can be redeemed, and by doing so, beauty results.

As I walked in the beautiful snow this morning, I remembered how much I enjoy snow. And how much I miss it.  It makes cold worthwhile and makes an otherwise mundane Monday exciting and beautiful.

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