Bundled Christianity

I have a hard time with evangelism. It’s become a struggle for me to openly share what I really believe. I have moments where I talk about my time at church and brief moments where I can share that I don’t believe what some people have experienced of Christianity is correct, but I don’t really have moments where I articulate what I fully believe anymore.

When I was in high school, I was much better at this. This morning as I was sipping coffee and eating eggs, I thought about one person in particular–one of my friends in high school. She always asked good questions–questions about evolution, homosexuality, politics and social justice. She was a rare gift to me–someone who not only didn’t blow me off as an annoying Christian but also didn’t just accept what I said as absolute truth. She created a very interesting dialogue. When we graduated, I remember her telling me that she wished she had such certain beliefs as me. I felt really proud in that moment, like I had accomplished something just short of miraculous. I had lived in front on this person with an assured and certain faith, yet she recognized something I did not yet recognize myself. She saw that when I spoke of my faith, I spoke of a whole bundle of things I was certain about. And she could not be certain of my entire bundle.

For me, Christianity included so many things. It included republican politics. It included creationism. It included the right to tell everyone else they were wrong. It included male leadership. It included the fact  that homosexuality was most certainly the worst of all sins. It included a lot of absolute truths. But in it all, THE TRUTH seemed slightly diminished.

Now when I think of my friend, I wish I would have told her a little about my doubts. I wish I would have spoke far less about anything other than Christ when I spoke of Christianity. She may have been able to accept Christ if he hadn’t been republican, anti-science and a homophobe–all things that I don’t believe Christ is.

I want to live my life everyday full of Christ. I want my actions, thoughts, words and spirit to be Christ-like. And when I speak of Christianity, I want to speak of Christ. And only Christ. I find myself in a place where evangelism no longer includes an agenda. It includes a persona. Christian ethical behavior can be–and should be–taught to those of us who have entered into God’s story; but when the invitation is sent, I simply want to invite people to Christ. I trust Him to do the rest.

6 thoughts on “Bundled Christianity

  1. Denise. This post made me smile. Is christianity supposed to be so cut clear and dry about certain topics in the first place? I don't believe that there's anything wrong with homosexuality… I don't know if that makes any difference. I know at liberty I would be questioned about my faith if I were to state this…

  2. http://raincitypastor.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/evolution-waltke-and-the-pandora-problem/ I find that this post by my pastor, helps clairfy my point. My point has little to do with what is correct when it comes to these issues and much to do with our need to present the gospel of Christ to people without expecting them to share our views on everything. It's ultimately Christ's work to change the ethical behavior and views of people, not mine.

  3. Internet is real slow at the airport but I'm trying to still type. The wonders of technology… Now I understand what you are saying, on a side note do you think homosexuality is wrong? I know at Liberty they saw it unfit, I know I rarely asked about it or talked about it there. I'll leave you with this for now… I'll try to get on later when I'm in Thailand. I love you and hope your weekend is great!

  4. fI know this is an older post and i don't usually follow…but Just so you know, when it came to faith you were and are somebody i have always looked up to. I, like your friend in the post, wish that I could be as strong in my faith and as sure as you are. You are a wonderful person and role model denise.

  5. Hey Kelsey, Just found this comment. Not sure if you'll find my response, but thanks for posting! I appreciate the encouragement. Hope you're doing well!

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