One year ago today…

It was a year ago today that Ryan and I arrived in Seattle. We were thoroughly exhausted and feeling a strain that only a dramatic move across the country could create. We had remarkably fought very little in the 9 previous days. The open road had created a calm, warm breeze that left us very peaceful. However, when we woke up in Moses Lake, Washington that morning, we woke up feeling constricted by the realities of life–we didn’t know where we were going to live. We knew nothing about Seattle. We didn’t know where Ryan’s work was (which he started at the very next day). And I had no idea what I would do for work. Where was the grocery store? Where would we go to church? Who would live life with? Suddenly the adventure ended, and the struggle began.

Eastern Washington had scared us quite a bit. It was hot, brown and boring, but we drove up over the Snoqualmie pass and down into Seattle. I remember that I couldn’t even begin to enjoy the drive. I remember crossing over Lake Washington and feeling confused as I-90 landed smack in the middle of Seattle. We weren’t sure if we should go south or north. We had been heading due west for too long to understand any other directions.

The stress on that first day seemed insurmountable, yet everyday we wake up in the city of Seattle and live with remarkable ease. Ryan rides the metro like a pro. We walk less than a mile to a grocery store. I eventually did find a job. We love our church. And more and more all the time, we are living life with people we’ve been able to connect with here.

It’s an interesting dilema for us as we realize that we’ve now invested a year of our lives into this city. Some things we love about being here, and some things we really could live without. Some days we long for the quieter more simple life we lived in Maine. Other days I realize that we are able to enjoy so much here.

Two things are for certain: I wouldn’t trade this past year for anything, and we could have never done this without the help and support of all of you.

The question is always there: when will we move home? The answer is we don’t know. For today, we simply marvel at our one year Seattle anniversary.

One thought on “One year ago today…

  1. Sorry about the very very very late reply from my last blog… the song is called Desert Song by Brooke Fraser or Hillsongs… either copy is good. If you have enjoyed those lyrics you should look up Healer by kari jobe… I'm about to update it on… but it's a good song. By the way i listened to some of the sermon you sent, it was really really good. Hope your weekend is going well. love you

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