My grandmother passed away recently. She lived a good, incredible life; and we know that she’s in heaven now.

I’ve spent some time contemplating what heaven must be like for grammy. I imagine that there’s a great deal of joy for her. She’s finally with Grampy again, and she’s finally with Jesus. I’m sure my aunt and uncle could tell you that their house feels a lot more empty without grammy, and I’m VERY sure their stomachs could tell you. She was a brilliant cook.
I’ve decided that its quite possible that grammy is cooking spaghetti sauce on a stove in heaven with Grampy telling her all about his adventures in the last eleven years. How he’s been fishing with the disciples. How they’ve been making a boat. She’s smiling. Still content to listen. 
Jesus, being the carpenter that He is, is building grammy a beautiful, HUGE cedar table. He’s preparing a place for all of us to come together again to enjoy the goodness of both grammy’s cooking and her presence. In heaven on Christmas, we’ll look at Jesus and thank Him for being born while sharing gram’s lasagna. It’ll be beautiful to watch Jesus find such sweet satisfaction in grandma’s service, as He always has. In heaven on Easter, we’ll look at Jesus and touch his scars. We’ll thank him again and gather round the table for ham and pineapple. Unless of course, heaven is kosher. Either way, the food will be good and the company better. 
I’m glad Grammy’s finally in her place, and I look forward to the day I will see her again.

2 thoughts on “Gram

  1. Denise! Aaah! You are always updating and I never realize. I'm sorry to hear about gram, but also rejoicing with you about her being in heaven…It is late here but I got caught reading very many past blog entries:-)…hope you guys are doing well!

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