heaven on earth

It all started long ago when Ryan and I used to sit under a tree, drink a coke, and eat chex mix. It was there that we first talked about going to Whistler, BC. Not long later, I would often find sketches of the mountains, lakes, VW buses, log cabins, and snowboards in British Columbia in the letters Ryan would write to me while we were apart for the winter. With that said, our dream of going to British Columbia has been mulling over in our brains for ten years now. It’s hard to believe.

What’s even more difficult to believe is that last weekend we were in Whistler. We drove up on Friday and went through Vancouver, BC which is an incredibly clean, beautiful, and futuristic city with a lot of construction in preparation for the 2010 Olympics. While we thought the city was beautiful, nothing could fully prepare us for the spectacular sights which would litter the rest of our journey. For about half of the drive from Vancouver to Whistler, we were right on the water looking at the sun set behinds the mountains that jetted out of the Pacific ocean. My only complaint about British Columbia is that they desperately need a view point on every winding turn on that road. Thankfully we eventually found a campground that allowed me to capture some shots:

Eventually, we made it to Whistler and checked into our cozy hotel room and grabbed some dinner in a restaurant. We got to sit right next to the fire. I think both of our eyes were twinkling like we were 6 years old and it was Christmas morning.

Saturday was perfect. Blue skies, puffy clouds, fresh snow, huge mountain, incredible visibility. We snowboarded/skied all day and didn’t even begin to cover all the terrain on Whistler Blackcomb. We enjoyed the Peak to Peak gondola which connects the two mountains and went down the 6.5 miles run on the Blackcomb glacier. The day was spectacular–one of those where you couldn’t ask for more.

We were able to watch a big air competition at the base that night, where a few CVA kids participated, and after watching the sun set on a wonderful day, we rested for the next. Sunday was snowy and we snowboarded/skied until we had to check out. Our trip home we equally beautiful, and Ryan is already trying to figure out an excuse to move to Squammish, BC (just outside of Whistler).

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