Pemco Insurance: We’re a lot like you

So I’m sitting at work today trying to avoid the irritation, drama, and overall tension that seems to gather in a mostly woman workplace, and my cubicle mate starts laughing hysterically. I’m kind of surprised that I even notice because I was drowning out the day listening to Pandora (online radio) and she often laughs hysterically. She kind of keeps me entertained when I start to lose my mind. On this particular moment and this special day, she had stumbled into a minefield of goodness, aka, the Pemco Insurance campaign ad. 

I’ve written a whole post in attempt to communicate to my East coast friends and family what people in the Northwest are really like. I’ve sprinkled and dusted my other writings with more subtle hints at the peculiarities of Washington folk, yet after today, all I can really say, is that embodies it all:
  • The #1 First Snowflake Freak Out Lady… yep, that was December.
  • The #64 Greenlake Power Walkers… yep, that’s who surrounds me when I run around Greenlake. I think their workout gear costs more than our car.
  • The #76 guy, well he tries my patience. Even if I want a coffee that takes forever to order, I guarantee you I don’t have enough patience or chilled-out-ness to take that long to order. They have to make more drip coffee by the time we make it to the front of the line.
  • #28–maybe the answer to why everyone drives so slow?
  • #52–the people that give us dirty looks for our empty composting container.
  • #65–the god of the Northwest.
  • #4, um, well, amen. That’s all I can say. It’s ridiculous! It gets even more ridiculous when #64, #65, and #4 cross paths.
Although we don’t have Pemco insurance, with an ad campaign like that, how could I not support them?

Oh, the northwest.

p.s. you might be familiar with #60, #45, and #16.

4 thoughts on “Pemco Insurance: We’re a lot like you

  1. I almost got a demotion at work today for laughing too hard, too loud, too long. I just picture you, Denise, sitting at a four-way stop and waiting. Waiting for the dog-walker, the power-walker, and the no-YOU-go guy to make a move. Anyone. ANYone? No? Okay, Denise here will gladly go!!!

  2. Hey Denise, Thanks for the post. I can’t seem to concentrate on hw this weekend. This brightened up my mood and day knowing that i’ll be up past midnight tonite. I’ll have to look at this ad later, but it sounds very funny. and the post from your other friend is funny as well. Do they really drive that slow there? haha

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