Marital Moments–not like that you guys!

Well, I’ve been trying to think of some creative news to share with all of you for a few weeks now. I know some of you may be wondering if we are trapped in the snow permanently in Seattle. Some of you may have seen, on the national news, the buses hanging off the overpass teetering over I-5 (the major highway that runs through Seattle), and this may make you curious if either one of us were on the bus. I would certainly hope that would have called by now to make sure we’re ok… but in case you avoided calling us, we’re fine. We weren’t on the buses, thankfully. Mostly, I have nothing to share with all of you, but great writing and stories are often found in mudane days. So, here’s some sort of weird, eclectic update.

Life in Seattle has resumed. People have finally stopped being hermits. In fact, I’m at work right now (relax, it’s my lunch break… I’m still an Eastern girl), and we have a somewhat full office. It’s remarkable considering there is some forecasting for 1 to 3 inches of snow in the city again. The mountains are being blown up so the avalanches can be a grand spectator sport rather than a terrifying experience for my husband. I am very grateful, and we have now ordered an avalanche beacon for him. Ryan is loving the snow tremendously… every day he goes snowboarding is the BEST he’s ever had. Truly it is. He did a pillow line the other day. I’ll let him explain what that is exactly at some point, but all I can say is that it seems to be some sort of euphoric experience. Although, I don’t think it’s the same sort of euphoric experience I have when I get to sleep in and enjoy the “line” of pillows on our bed. Most of the mountain passes have been closed off for the last day and a half. Literally, in Washington there was no way to go from the East side to the West side. In fact, the ski/snowboard mountains had to close due to too much snow. Too much snow?!

Well, you may be wondering about our Christmas. It was rather nice. It didn’t exactly feel like Christmas morning with the wonder and awe of childhood, but it was a relaxing day. Perhaps, Ryan and I are now officially adults, as Christmas is wonderful simply to have time to rest. Wow, that’s pathetic. Ryan gave me some great gifts: a shirt, a jacket, slippers, gum (that he promised not to steal from me), a journal, a book about writing (there’s some irony for you–a good writer can even write a book about writing), and a photo of mine on canvas. I sent him on a scavenger hunt around our apartment, only to discover that he has no idea where anything is in our house!? But in the end, he found the used surf board I was able to get for free! What a blessing that was… We made a large breakfast, spent a few hours on the phone, and went to the movies. We saw Marley. It was good, even for a non-dog-loving-but-I’m-stuck-in-the-dog-worshiping-center-of-the-world person like me. We ate dinner and had a fire and hot cocoa. It would have been perfect if all of you were there.

So last night, Ryan and I were going to bed (no worries this is a G rated site). I had just turned off the lamp next to my bed and cuddled into Ryan’s chest as I do every night (until I’m tired of him and roll over to enjoy my sleep). We began a slight banter over the blankets. Ryan pulled them up more so that he was completely covered, and I pushed them down because I thought I ought to be able to have oxygen during the night. This evoked a complaint from Ryan. And I replied, “But I can’t breathe?!”
Ryan’s response: “You should have thought about that before you got married.”

Wow, feel the love. I responded with a contageous giggle. Oh, marriage. It’s just pure bliss, filled with so many monumental memories this holiday season.

Less than a week until our trip to Maine. We can’t wait!

One thought on “Marital Moments–not like that you guys!

  1. wow, what an interesting post. It was something that caught my eye while I watch some television and start packing so that I can go “home.” Denise, you are right being at college reminds and tells us how there are differences in our lives and we can all benefit. Anyways, have you gotten my emails/letters? I wanted to keep on emailing, but I’m afraid that your inbox may get filled and there won’t be any room for anyone else. Anyways, one more show before I turn on some jams and start packing. love you guys…

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