Snow in Seattle

The sights and sounds of snow in this city are quite amusing. People actually honk because no one seems to know how to drive in the snow. You hear this clanging sound as little tiny cars drive down the road with chains around their tires. People have ski poles with them as the walk to work. They walk because all the buses have stopped running. There are signs everywhere closing roads. The city just closes the roads with hills rather than plowing, sanding, or salting. Occasionally, we see someone snowshoeing or cross-country skiing down the road. It’s pretty funny… We received about 6 inches of snow last night, and now its snowing again. Ryan and I walked to church (the photo below is our church) and walked home. We appreciated how the snow seems to create an incredible stillness here in Seattle. Our offices were closed Thursday and Friday… we’re wondering what will happen tomorrow. The photo above is the house where we live (downstairs)…

Ryan’s obviously thrilled that snow has finally arrived. He went to Mt. Baker last Sunday; and on Friday, he ventured to Snoqualmie. Both days were filled with a couple feet of fresh powder, bright blue skies, and beautiful scenery. I’m happy he’s finally been able to go! Right now he drove down to Green Lake (the park near our house) to snowboard in the skate park:)
We’re missing home and sad we won’t be in Maine for Christmas, but it’s nice to finally have some snow here to make it feel like Christmas time . Hope all of you are surviving your snowstorms as well!

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