Home Alone…. Denise Edition.

So I get a call this morning about 10 minutes after I get to work. It’s Denise. Unfortunately I missed the call because I was getting the coffee started–all part of my morning ritual. I returned her call and she answered in a faint whisper: 

“ryan, I’m scared.”
“Denise, what’s wrong?!” I reply.
“the garage door opened, and I don’t know why…”
Now this is a legitimate reason to be frightened. It would be a bit creepy.  I asked her if she locked the inside door–which she did–and told her that it was probably nothing, that someone on the street probably has the same garage door opener and it probably triggered ours. (hoping this was the case, because I was helpless at work without a vehicle and miles away). She got to work fine. and when she finally emerged into our garage she didn’t see anything fishy, though she entered armed with hammer-in-hand. Though everything was okay I still wondered all day what could  have made the garage door open on its own… 
Once home I brought up the case of the mysterious garage door incident. She expressed, once again, how frightened she was and how traumatic the whole experience was for her… 
…I then started my very brief investigation…
“Denise, honey, what were you doing when it opened?”
“I was cleaning off the dresser of some of the clutter and it started to open… I ran and shut the TV off and sat there quietly, hoping that if there was someone out there they wouldn’t hear me in here. I sat there, Ryan, scared to death, wondering what I would do for an escape route if they came inside….”
as she was speaking I realized that I remembered seeing the extra garage door opener on the dresser…
“Denise, where did you place the stuff that was cluttering the dresser?”
“in the junk drawer over here” she motioned to the cabinets in the kitchen.
It then dawned on Denise as well and she went over and found the garage door opener amongst the things she moved this morning…
Lets just say we had a laugh. a very hard, long laugh. Though this story is quite hilarious, my words do no justice to Denise’s antics around the event… my wife is so funny! and oh so cute…
Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Home Alone…. Denise Edition.

  1. I would have been scared too Denise! We’re glad to hear how it all worked out. Now we all can have a good laugh. We really enjoy your wonderfully detailed descriptions of what’s going on with you. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. What a wonderful couple you are. You’re such a blessing to our family. Love to you both, see you soon!

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