the update

So, I did promise to actually update you on our lives as well… 

Ryan and I have been here for 4 months now. It’s seems crazy. Ryan’s job is going really well. His boss loves him. His co-workers love him, and he’s providing great service to K2 customers. No surprises there. He uses the 15 minute breaks throughout the day to play g-o-a-t (b-ball) with his boss and co-workers. It’s helped break up the day. Things have been really busy the last few weeks at work for him.
I’m working at Girl Scouts of Western Washington. Things are going pretty well there, too. I’m spending my mornings scheduling vendors for Girl Scouts events, as well as, finding organizations who will collaborate with us (aka put on events that we will promote). My afternoons are filled with registrar work. My co-workers and bosses are very nice, and I’m settling in. Ryan takes the bus to work and I drive. Traffic isn’t usually too bad because I go to work earlier than most and leave earlier than most.
We’ve settled into Bethany Community Church quite nicely. Richard Dahlstrom’s messages are convicting, thought provoking, and inspiring. He recently published a book called o2 (oxygen). It’s very good. If you ever want another great blog to look at, his is Ryan’s meeting with the wo
rship director Wednesday to see where he can get plugged in, and I’m in the process of starting to volunteer at Tabitha place, a church-run women’s homeless shelter. Seattle has a very large homeless population.
We spent Thanksgiving up in Bellingham (about 1 1/2 hours north of here) with friends. It was nice to have some people to spend the holiday with, although we missed being home! We went snowshoeing at Mt. Baker (even though it was raining) on Saturday, handed out meals for meals-on-wheels on Friday, and ate and ate on Thursday . Don’t ask why I listed those things in reverse order.
We’re going back to Maine for a quick visit in one month. We’re VERY excited to go home. Life is good here, but we miss everyone a lot.
Let us know how all of you are doing, and I promise to try better about blogging regularly:)

One thought on “the update

  1. yay! An actual update! Haha, I should be studying for my last final, but thanks to myself, my sleeping habit is quite the opposite. So, I’ve been surfing the net and I happened to be on my own blog and saw that there was an update on here. Looks as though everything is going well. When are you going to be in Maine? I may go up to LW to visit some people… O how I miss that place so much already! I don’t know if I’ll be working there this summer or not. I can’t wait for break and all, I’m trying to work since there isn’t much to do in a month and obviously it would drive me nuts! Anyways, I’m going back to my bible studying… speaking of which my blog site… peace out…love you guys

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