It’s already been 2 months…

Well, It’s been 2 months. 2 months since we left home, family & friends… 

… We are having a great time. It has been quite hard dealing with the lengthy process of finding employment for Denise, but the process is finally over… she got a job (I’ll share more a little later)! We have seen some pretty amazing sites as of late… I wouldn’t trade our experience for anything… I’ll share a short list of what we have done here in Seattle so far:

1) Ventured up to Mt. Baker
2) Took a drive on a Puget Sound coastal route up to Bellingham
3) Been to a Mariner’s game’
4) Been to a University of Washington football game
5) Spent a decent amount of time in the world famous Pike Market (where they throw the fish)
6) Explored Discovery Park (a Puget Sound coast-line park)
7) Visited a GORGEOUS arboretum (a fancy word for ‘tree park’)
8) Have drank TONS of coffee… and have expanded my coffee vocabulary to include: Americano and Macchiato… and now know the differences in the body and acidic qualities of different beans and blends…
9) Purchased a press pot for work, and prefer it over basic drip-coffee…
10) Hiked to Snow Lake, in the Alpental-Snoqualmie backcountry (yesterday’s endeavor)

So as you have seen, we are getting out and seeing some sights and making the most of our time out here…

It has been a challenge finding a church. If you could all pray for us in this category, that would be awesome. We do not want to attend a church that tickles our fancy and meets our every need. We also want to be in a church that is committed to serving outside the church as much as it serves the body (if not more). We had been attending two churches, trying to narrowing it down, and have decided (yesterday) to stop attending one and pursue the idea of serving at Bethany Community Church here in Seattle while still looking around. The Pastor is Richard Dahlstrom. He is amazing, and thoughtful and has a gift of ushering the word and truth of God to the body. He is careful not to stupidly use the pulpit as a pedestal to preach on side issues (issues irrelevant to the Gospel) and for the sake of either political party. He leaves you thinking and sets you up to meditate on God’s truths within the freedom of our salvation in Christ, and we enjoy that. But we also see where we can come along side this church and serve those in need in the community around where we live. So please pray that the Lord will use us there…

Denise got a job!! She is now working for the Girl Scouts as a program coordinator and administrator in their Seattle office. She is really excited, for this position is very relevant to what Denise wants to do in the future as a guidance counselor. So we are really excited that after all this wait and anticipation, she landed a great job doing something she’ll really enjoy. 

My Job is great. The people I work with are awesome, the job I do is good and the place I work is awesome. The environment is very comfortable and I enjoy going to work everyday. I can’t complain! 

Richard preached this morning about how Jesus wasn’t popular. He was put to death because he wasn’t popular. He talked about how it seems that Jesus is an icon these days, and he endorses a very wide array of politics, groups, and lifestyles… everyone wants to claim Jesus–Pacifists and the NRA… Democrats and Republicans, Liberal and Conservative… He paralleled how Christ wasn’t liked by any of those in his day. He made every group uncomfortable…Jews, Gentiles, Romans, everyone. He talked about how we ALL contort Jesus into someone who affirms us in our particular beliefs, political stances or lifestyles rather than dealing with HOW Christ calls us to live, even when its against how we think or feel… He called us to love our enemy, turn our cheek, give our jacket, give freely (liberal). He also calls out immoral living and tells us to obtain from sexual impurity and immoral lifestyles (conservative). He is so inclusive, he’s offensive. He didn’t pick a side. That’s why they hung him on a cross. Why is he seen as so different today? We have changed who Jesus is today to seek endorsement for who we are…

…I thought I would share that with you all, because I was moved by this. I was convicted. I have often thought about how Jesus seems like he can be everything to everyone these days, and that I have morphed him into who I want him to be, rather than what he is. He is the way. and it’s narrow. Richard ended with this point: By Jesus absorbing the hatred of the world, he also absorbed the wrath of God so that:
1) There is no more wrath–it is finished (unless we reject him)
2) Hebrews 10:22 We can approach God with sincere hearts & with full assurance that he’ll love us and accept us just the same when we come as we are.
3) That there is no way we can skip over Jesus to get to the good stuff. there’s no way of getting around the offensive Jesus to get to God. Jesus is the only way to the father.

So, we are doing well, learning much and missing you all.

Stay tuned for more adventure…

Love, Ryan

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