My new friend Apple

Well on my end of things, life continues to look much the same. I sleep as long as possible so my day does not drag on and on as a scroll through the endless abyss of criagslist. I drink coffee while doing my first computer check of the day (Did I mention that my best friend’s name is Apple?). I check my e-mail hoping SPU will suddenly tell me to come to work today. I check craigslist only to discover that although I slept in much later than I would have back during my Maine days, Seattlites apparently sleep till noon. I don’t think anyone is sleepless in Seattle. I check facebook to see what the whole world is up to… you know has anyone’s status changed? did someone post a random photo from camp? Has anyone written on my wall? I have never really been addicted to facebook like so many other people my age, but it is giving my life some sort of purpose right now I suppose. I check our blog… please someone comment! I move away from the computer than to read a little of God’s word and journal a bit. I eat some breakfast and skillfully move from craigslist, gmail, facebook, to craigslist, gmail, facebook, pandora to craigslist, gmail, facebook… until 11:30 when Ryan is on lunch break and calls me. We really have nothing to talk about because nothing has happened all morning, but it is an anchor to my day. Oh yeah, I sometimes make a little run in the morning, and I do continue to shower:)

My afternoon is pretty similar, although I try to get more creative with my job searching and start looking up random things. I start to feel like I’m getting carpal tunnel  in my hand, so I leave our apartment for an hour or so and walk to the park nearby to read a book. I make dinner in a I’m-a-1950’s-wife sort of way, so that at 5 o’clock sharp when Ryan walks through the door, a hot, steaming beautiful meal is on the table and ready for him. 
Dinner is usually followed by a walk or tennis… I won last night just for the record. Ryan’s serve is getting faster all the time, though. Sometimes I wonder if he is secretly really annoyed at me because that ball comes flying at me awfully fast:)
Well, that’s all that is really going on here. I am doing alright despite the sarcasm in the previous paragraphs. I have an interview this afternoon… and I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do for a master’s program. 
Please pray for my grandmother who is not feeling well these days. It really makes me miss home… Ryan continues to be devastated that he will not get to hunt (or should I say chase?) this year. Love you all!

7 thoughts on “My new friend Apple

  1. Denise, Your sarcasm is funny, don’t think I’ve heard you be so sarcastic before. And I can’t see you being addicted to anything-especially not facebook! Things are going alright. I have my first formal speech today. I headed to bed, but thought I’d say a quick hi.

  2. I hope that this post spices your day up a bit. I love you and hope and pray something happens real soon with a career for your poor sanity’s sake.You are a wonderful woman who has a lot to offer this world. whoever decides to capitalize upon it will be greatly blessed.

  3. I did not realize you guys were still using the blogspot, or I would have posted sooner. Denise your last one was funny. Especially the 1950’s wife thing! Be carefull, Ryan might get use to that. Ryan you could keep her barefoot and pregeant. Tab wants your email address Denise, she would rather email then pooper..can I say pooper on blog??

  4. I am sorry you are so borred!! If it helps, NOTHING is happening in Kingfield right now!! Let me know if you need any new recipes and such! You guys are gonna miss my birthday party on Tuesday at the Olive Garden in the grand old Augusta…haha. I hope you find what you are looking for!

  5. Sorry we missed your birthday party, Krysta! I put something in the mail for you today, so it probably won’t arrive until Saturday or Monday. Sorry it’ll be late! Happy early birthday!

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