Mt. Baker…. …Wow.

I cannot believe the sights we saw yesterday. We had a mission to use our Saturday wisely, yet we had no clue what to do, while on a limited budget. I suggested to go to Bellingham, a town north of Seattle about an hour and a half, due to a suggestion that we should check it out. so we hopped into the jeep and headed north, not knowing what we would do or see when we arrived. we drove straight to the Information center to get some ideas, and since it was such a clear, gorgeous day the lady said we should make our way to Mt. Baker, 60 miles due east from Bellingham. we were reluctant to keep driving, not thinking there would be too much to do up that way, but I prodded us a long to venture onward. I am glad we went. I thought we got the most beautiful mountains out of the way on our road trip–but I was sorely mistaken. The Northern Cascades became #1. 

We were reminded of Maine the drive towards the mountain. Rt. 542,  The windy two lane road alongside Glacier River, strangely reminded my of 27 between Kingfield and Stratton. The trees are similar to Maine, except how they dwarf the size of the trees back east. It blows my mind how trees can be that tall! 

Glacier River was the bluest I have seen yet. It was emerald in color… you could see straight to bottom no matter how deep.

At this point, I am only going to let Denise’s photos do the talking. I could not bring the sight to life in all my literary genius, of what we saw there, at Mt Baker…

…I cannot believe the vastness and greatness of God’s creation. You can only stand there-speechless- thanking him with the depth of your soul. How humbling it is to have been created by the same God who spoke that very intricate and rugged real estate into being…

                             …….. and that i get to shred it on a board this winter!
praise God.

I am posting this before Denise posts the photos… please be patient, they will be up shortly.

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