Update from Seattle…

I’m not sure if anyone is still checking this, but I thought I would post an update.

We finally have a place to live as you can see from the photos. It’s the daylight basement of a house, and we get a one- car garage with the studio! Ryan and I are both very excited about that (It’s so nice to have the collection of snowboards in the garage, ha,ha.) We’re in Maple leaf, a neighborhood in the Northern part of the city. It seems very quiet and safe:) We’re settling in quite nicely after spending a week staying with Morgan, my friend from Gordon, and Amy, her roommate. They were a huge blessing! Ryan is enjoying his job well enough. It’s a lot of paperwork, but he’s getting used to it. The mountains all around us are teasing him a lot; but soon enough, he’ll be enjoying the Western powder! I am still looking for a job, but I do have an interview  today at Christa–it’s a Christian ministry based here in Seattle. I applied for a unit clerk position in an residential elderly building. The interview is at 3 o’clock today, so we’ll see how it goes. (That’s 6 o’clock your time).
We’ve explored some in the past 1 1/2 weeks we’ve been here. We went to Pike Market where I visited the first Starbucks ever:) For those of you who know what Pike Market is, the fish were not being thrown because it was Labor Day; so we’ll have to return. We went to a Mariners versus Yankees baseball game the other night. It was a lot of fun. We’ve spent a lot of time lost and a lot of time trying to find the right bus at the right time. Greenlake, the second most used park in the United States, is near us. It’s really beautiful and will be our preferred place to run and play tennis (well, my preferred place to run. Ryan doesn’t run–it doesn’t involve any tricks:) ).
Well, I wanted to share a little of what I wrote in my journal while we drove across Wyoming. There are moments in life where what we are doing and experiencing are not intentionally spiritual, yet sometimes in these moments, God seems to intimately and gently brush up against us. These are moments where somehow God is all we can think about regardless of what is actually happening. They are humbling, perfect moments where we are given the chance to glimpse at what it will be like when all Creation is restored into right relationship with our Creator. These are moments where there are not words–where we can’t find a Bible verse to describe our Savior–where we can’t speak at all. These moments in life are VERY rare, yet for me, they are anchors. They are the moments that I look to when my life is full of doubt, pain, confusion, and trouble. They are the moments where I experience my living Savior. They are the moments that no eloquent atheist, evolutionist, or agnostic could ever explain away. They are God-filled moments. They are the greatest moments of worship. On route 16 in the middle of Wyoming, God and I had that kind of moment, and I wrote this down:
“The majesty of the mountains force us to slow down and take deeper breaths. They are so stunning that we can’t look away, and we can’t speak. Isn’t this suppose to be our response to the majesty of the Lord? Shouldn’t I stop, drink in His incredibleness, stare in awe, and listen in the beauty of silence. Isn’t the Creator of majesty more majestic than words? more majestic, even, than the most stunning of places?”
Later on I continued to write as we drove into Cody, Wyoming:
“Oddly, it’s at the most stunning point of our  trip that I begin to miss my family and friends the most. What is majesty if it is not shared? Is that what drives me to take photograph upon photograph? Perhaps, it’s a combination of the need to share and the need to capture the majestic–the need to be in awe of something and the need for this moment to be continuous. However, we all know the majesty of the mountains we’ve seen today cannot really be limited to the four walls of my view finder in my camera. Likewise, the majesty of God cannot be contained in a box. Not even a box the size of the universe. He is not meant to be a framed photo on our nightstand to see every morning and evening. God’s majesty is not containable. Authentic majesty is only found in experience. It’s faith that takes us to the canyons of Wyoming. It’s faith that leads us to those segments of life where we experience the majesty of our Almighty Savior. Let today be one of those days.”

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