1. Cheapest Coffee: Plainview, Nebraska 50 cents
  2. Total Coffee: 29 cups
  3. Cheapest Gas: $3.37 in Waterloo, Iowa
  4. Most expensive Gas: $4.30 in Yellowstone National Park
  5. Best deal of the trip: free camping in Plainview, Nebraska
  6. Favorite state: Wyoming
  7. Favorite town: Cody, Wyoming (with Bozeman, Montana; Custer, South Dakota; and Gelena, Illinois following)
  8. Favorite place we ate: La Comida in Cody, Wyoming
  9. Total spent on tolls: $49.80 (mostly due to the $18 dollar toll in NY!!!, Illinois was horrible too)
  10. Total miles: 3700

5 thoughts on “Summation:

  1. The coffee was one of the best:) Apartment hunting continues today. Ryan had a good first day at work. It was a little overwhelming, but he already ordered a free snowboard, bindings, and snowshoes. I think he’ll be ok:)

  2. You guys need to keep posting. It’s how I keep track of what your up to. With no new posts I might have to change my homepage!! Samantha and I love and miss you both. Best of luck and lets see some Apt. pics!

  3. Fastest speed was not very fast 😦 With the trailer, it’s a little difficult to speed safely. Ryan drove it probably 80 at times… Sometime we’ll have to drive through the flat lands with just a little car:) We’ll have to look at the baby stuff!I think we’ll keep posting… probably not as frequently, but it’ll be a great way to keep everyone up to date. Hope you guys are well, Scott and Sam!

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