What an incredible few days!

I know it’s been a few days since we’ve posted, so I’m sure you’re wondering how our trip in Yellowstone was… well, it was simply the best few days of our trip!

We left Rapid City and started right into Wyoming. The eastern border of Wyoming is awesome with it’s red rock mountains. The middle of the state was very prairie like. We got off of 90 West onto route 16 which turned out to be the most beautiful drive of my life. The road winds up into enormous mountains (part of the Rockies). Ryan was like a kid at a candy store! Every where he looked was a new line to take down on the snowboard! After reaching about 9500 feet, we started to descent, with a slight bought of light-headedness, into the most incredible canon. The mountains were unique every corner we winded, and the rocks took on more and more beautiful colors every minute. We stopped so many times, so I could take photos. At the end of this descent the landscape turned into prairie lands once again. We headed through Cody, the rodeo capital of the world. It was our favorite town that we have gone through yet. It was right out of a western. They have a rodeo every night, and every person has a cowboy hat on.  We left after an early dinner and drove past wildfires on our way to Yellowstone. We just couldn’t believe our eyes as we watched several mountains burn creating an eerie, amber glow in the sky. After just a few miles into Yellowstone, we found ourselves amongst buffalo galore. We set up camp; and while we went for a walk, we found a huge male mule deer. We were literally 10 feet from him! I don’t have a zoom lens on my camera, so the photos really show you how close we were! It was such a rush. We got a terrible night of sleep that night, but we could care less.. we were in Yellowstone!
The next morning we visited the geysers and Old Faithful which blew tons of water straight into the air. Truly, yellowstone was awesome! I’ll let Ryan tell you about the rest of our experience. Tomorrow, we’ll be in Seattle! Pray that we’ll find somewhere to live quickly, and remember we’re three hours behind all of you now!

3 thoughts on “What an incredible few days!

  1. That is so cool!!! I can not tell you how happy I am for you guys. Ryan I am with you man, sold the house, quite the job and I am headed there!!.. Ok I woke up.Praying for an apartment.

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