We’re in Washington already?

Hello all, 

What a stellar few days we’ve had. I cannot guess as to why the Lord has chose to bless us so greatly with an amazing opportunity to see the country and take in the glory of his creation… 
So after we arrived to to the park we saw tons of bison and had a VERY close encounter with a mule deer buck (see photos)! we then ventured around the geysers and the south-western portion of the park (it was neat, but my least favorite) and toured around the northern sections (my favorite) taking in the vast beauty of our surroundings… 
We went to sleep on night #2 saying how we loved it all so much, but wished we would have seen some elk! (that night we awoke to the howling of a lone wolf! so cool!) so we decided to get up even earlier than previously determined on our departure day to try our luck at finding some elk in the morning before sunrise. WELL WE FOUND THEM! 
…Denise and I spotted 2 elk cow butts in the woods right off the road, so we pulled up in a hurry and Denise jumped out to snap a shot before they disappeared… as Denise is taking the shot a LOUD bugle came from the opposite side of the road, feet within Denise and I… and out stepped a HUGE elk bull onto the road… little did we know we were separating him from his ladies, for it was the beginnings of the elk rut… so we calmly (yeah, right) slide back into the jeep after Denise get some AWESOME shots of the bull crossing the road… whoa. it got our hearts pumping… not only were we pumped that we saw elk, but we basically could have kissed the thing on the lips. so cool. so on we went, towards the north-western exit of the park, known as “mammoth hot springs”. on our way through town we spotted a whole herd of elk right in town! Denise snapped some really nice shots of them in the morning sun (as seen on the blog) as well as the MASSIVE bull laying down in the town square! this bull dwarfed the first bull we encountered… so needless to say, we did not have a dull ride out of Yellowstone. what an amazing experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Brian and blaine, just to let you know, Maine is awesome, but for big game, incredible fishing and crazy ATV’n, you guys are in the wrong part of the country… in the first 30 minutes into Montana, we saw 3 very large 6-10 pointer white tail bucks (together, mind you) fly fishing outfitters and guide services along the Yellowstone river (in Montana) and terrain that would blow your mind…
Phew. so the rest of Montana and Idaho was like detox. we couldn’t get over all that we experienced in Yellowstone. We stopped into Bozeman Montana for coffee and gas… WHAT A COOL TOWN. it’s a lot like Farmington but the main street is riddled with coffee shops and fish and game outfitters and surrounded by a huge mountain background… if I didn’t have a job lined up in Seattle, I would have contemplated giving that town a shot! 
…I was a bittersweet moment crossing the Washington state line. It’s a relief to know that we have made it to our destination state, but sad to see our roadtrip come to an end (as of tomorrow). Stay tuned, and we will put up some photos of Seattle and hopefully our new apartment, if we can find one (please pray!) We love you all. and miss you all.

One thought on “We’re in Washington already?

  1. I’m sooooooooo jealous!!!!!!Praise God He is amazing.God has brought you this far, I’m sure He has an amazing place for you to stay when you get there.Watching the Red sox/Yankeesbottom of the forth 2-1 Red Sox.Can’t wait to hear from you guys.Love yaJean

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