I recommend South Dakota to anyone…

What a great day. We have rolled about 2600 miles as of today, give or take.  We awoke at 5:30 a.m. in Plainview and packed our jeep up and headed west, away from our free camping spot. it was a chilly 50 Degrees most the morning, which was welcomed by us because it has been pretty hot on the road. You can definitely tell we are driving further west, because it is taking the sun longer to rise in the mornings. It’s hard to believe we are now 2 hours behind all of you in Maine. My sleep pattern has not yet adjusted.

We payed less for super unleaded than regular in Nebraska! Nebraska is, as you all probably know, the Corn Husker state, for a crap load of corn is grown there. It is only fitting for there to be a few rather large ethanol plants making ethanol and mixing it with 89 octane and supplying it to local stations, making the super less expensive. weird, huh?
Nebraska went from flat prairie to suddenly exploding to rolling prairie… it reminded me of a John Wayne movie. very pretty! Denise snapped some lovely shots of what I am explaining, so take a look. Then we crossed into South Dakota… <> if I had some extra cash sitting around and I wanted to blow it on something I would spend it on a large log hunting lodge for hunting wild antelope in the black hills of South Dakota. no joke, some of the prettiest scenery I have seen. We are definitely in the west now. it’s a cool feeling…
       I will allow Denise to share her perspective now…
Love you all,  Ryan

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