From Plainview to the prettiest view

Today has been awesome. We got up before the sun rose which I really appreciated as we were able to watch the sun rise over the prairie horizon. We crossed into the Mountain time zone in Kilgore, Nebraska and enjoyed some long, flat, cattle-filled land. Toward the northwest section of Nebraska rolling hills took over the landscape much to our delight. The photo of the sunflowers were also in this section.

We took 385 North into South Dakota and quickly came into an adorable, western town called Hot Springs although there weren’t really any hot springs to be enjoyed. A few miles down the road, we stopped in the Wind Cave National Park where we went into the 4th longest cave in the world. It was quite the experience, although we were disappointed that we didn’t see bison while we were at the park. Becky you’ll want to note this: A park ranger told us he had recently seen a mountain lion right near the visitor center. We thought of you… I won’t lie. I have no desire to encounter a mountain lion.
After the cave, we stopped to see the Crazy Horse monument that is still in progress. It will be 10x the size of Mt. Rushmore, but our grandchildren might be able to see it complete at the rate it’s being made. The much anticipated Mt. Rushmore was next on our stops. It was incredible. The drive up to it is just as incredible as the actual mountain. We got some icecream, drove a half hour to Rapid City, and found a hotel for the night. We walked to dinner and to Walmart to pack up for our camping expedition in yellowstone. 
We won’t have internet for the next two nights, and we haven’t been able to make the blogging work on Ryan’s phone, so this will likely be the last update for a few days. It was nice to talk to some of you today! 
A note about our trip so far:
If we were to vacation, we’d go to:
1. Northwest Illinois to a little town that started with a g (I can’t remember right now). 
2. To Custer, SD- incredible surroundings and great town.
We’re having a great time. Thanks for tracking our trip. Lots of love!

7 thoughts on “From Plainview to the prettiest view

  1. I am so glad you have finally gotten to see South Dakota. I loved it when I was there and have been telling your mother for years that we need to go visit. One of my regrets was that I didn’t take her with me on that trip. Of course we will never get Becky and Eric out there now that Becky knows there are mountain lions out west! An interesting foot note I was in Hot Springs South Dakota the last time I got carded to be sure I was 21. That was in 1993 and I was actually 32. Enjoy Yellowstone and take lots of pictures for us because none of us have been there. Love Ya

  2. I have sneaked on to the computer while Grammy and Grampy are sleeping. I just wnated to say hi and say that I wished I had known the last time I so you that I wasn’t going to see you for such I long time. I would have figured it out if you had gotten me a gift or something!!! I miss you. I am hanging out with Grampy and Grammy but, I am confused because mom and Dad are always saying to stay away from strangers and then they leave me with Grampy. I am so confused??Levi

  3. Man I'm sooooo jealous right now!Soak up every moment you can.Isn't God good and awesome.I hope to get some new pics for backgrounds at church.Miss you guys.Love Jean & Windy

  4. Mountain Lions are terribly fierce animals and should not be messed around with šŸ™‚ I hope you guys didn’t have any incounters. I pray for you guys often and really enjoy looking at you pictures. Love you guys, Becky

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