The blog-non-hog :)

Today was very long, but extremely neat. Chicago was certainly awesome… it sprinkled on us a bit, but at least it held off enough for me to go tourist photographing crazy. We were hoping that we’d make it out of Chicago ok (we left at 3:15 there time- 4:15 your time), but it took forever in the sweltering humidity.

Ryan was kind enough to drive out of the city again, and eventually we broke free into GORGEOUS country yet again. Northwest Illinois reminded me a lot of Virginia with beautiful rolling hills with huge farms. We enjoyed the better views as we brooke off onto route 20 in Rockwood. Just before we finally turned in for the day, we crossed the Mississippi and are now in Dubuque Iowa. It’s official–we’re in the wild west:)

Tomorrow, we’ll tackle the state of Iowa and maybe venture into Nebraska if we have time (I’m hoping tomorrow will be a shorter day). We’ll be on route 20 the whole way.

Thanks for the calls today:)

We love you all, and good night from Iowa.

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