Just over the Mississippi… (an abstract by ryan)

Phew, what a day. We have had a 14 hour day. We left our dear friends in Newport, Michigan at 7am and ventured south back into Ohio and then headed west towards Chicago. We followed 80/90 through the remaining portion of Ohio, and into Indiana. I must say, Indiana was pleasant! we hopped off 80/90 for a jaunt through a portion of amish country… so cool! there were so many horse drawn buggies! the breakdown lane on the sides of highway 20 are beaten and worn by the hooves of the horses. it was worth the detour.

We than avoided Gary Indiana, due to the HIGH rate of crime present there. The city has called in the national guard to patrol and take back the city–it’s that bad…

We than entered Illinois. Chicago here we come. I cannot lie, I was scared to death to go into Chicago… especially hauling a U-haul trailer. BUT, with the kind help from my wife we entered the city and found a pleasant indoor parking garage where we could ditch the baggage…

Chicago is awesome.

We enjoyed a deep dish pizza on the Navy Peir and then boarded an architectural cruise that travels up and down the Chicago river through downtown… so neat.

We then hopped back into the car and got STUCK IN RUSH HOUR(S)

Northern Illinois is breathtaking. I will end now, so Denise can write. She just called me a “blog-hog”

Goodnight. Love, Ryan

One thought on “Just over the Mississippi… (an abstract by ryan)

  1. Hey guys, Chicago huh, did you see Obama? Hope not, hope your having fun. Just wanted to let Ryan know it’s snowing!!!!!!! I’m going riding.Love You Guys \o/

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