Goodbye NY, Hello Michigan. (Ryan’s View)

It was a good day. I really wasn’t looking forward to seeing Penn state or Ohio, because I thought that there wouldn’t be much to see other than the remnance of tractor trailer tire blowouts, but I was sorely mistaken. We followed the “Wine Route” through New York into Penn. and it was gorgeous…

Erie is quite a site. along with following vineyards, you also can see this huge blue horizon which I discovered later on to be Lake Erie. it is massive. We got a closer look when our dear friends Dave, Terri and Brittaney brought us to see it up close.

I am not even joking when I say this… I COULD HAVE SURFED. it was easily 2-3 foot waves breaking on shore. I druled a little.

Welp, Time to turn in. stay tuned for our Chicago experience… Love you all and miss you dearly.

One thought on “Goodbye NY, Hello Michigan. (Ryan’s View)

  1. Ooh, Chicago…you’ll only be about 4 hours north of me. Too bad you can’t swing down and experience the never-ending excitement that is Southern Illinois (please note the sarcasm)!Bekah

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