only hellos from here

Well, the first real day of roadtripping is over. It was a pretty long day, but a lot of fun. We’ve now officially said good-bye to everyone. Lesson #1 from this experience: You guys all rock. It’s slowly sinking in that we actually are leaving for an extended period of time; and as it sinks in more and more, I realize how blessed Ryan and I have been with great family and friends that might as well be family too. We’re missing everyone all ready…

The falls were awesome! I enjoyed taking tons of photos (which required some serious protection on the Maid of the Mist!). Unfortunately on the way back to the hotel, we got a little lostish in the seeming ghetto; however, a taxi came by just in time! It was definately $10 well spent! We’re safe and sound… don’t worry.

Tomorrow, we’ll leave here around 10 o’clock and head to family friends of Ryans in Newport, Michigan (just outside of Toledo).

Coffee tally is only at 3.

love you all


One thought on “only hellos from here

  1. Hey *Ryan+Denise*~ we were sorry to miss the partA…we both had to work blah…neat bloggin…ya left just in time- yesterday was what felt like the first day of fall…I'm not ready for summer to be over! Tim of course is…catchin a cup of coffee @ the OC (orange cat)…tonight is our last night @ 'Lindsays' (sniff sniff)- going bowling…missed having you married folks there w/us…a # of nights Tim was the only guy…but a few have come here & there. We're under contract w/the house on Tufts Pond- yah! but still quite the process… have an amazing trip!Health & Happiness! The Nortons

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