Arundel to Niagra: COMPLETE.

Ryan Here.

It was a good first day. Weather was gorgeous, not too hot. Our jeep is averaging an impressive 13 MPG (NOT!). only one traffic jam. not bad!

Western Mass was quite pretty actually. I think that mountainous patch of woods is called the Berkshires. Gas is hovering around $4.00 a gallon in NY.

We arrived in Niagra Falls, NY at about 4:30. it took 9 hours.

We unpacked our jeep and changed our clothes and headed down to the Falls.

WHAT A SIGHT. Denise and I excitedly bought our tickets for the Maid of the Mist boat tour. For those of you who dont know what that is, it brings your right into the falls… you get soaking wet and the wind is so powerful! It’s mindblowing how the land drops off like that; let alone how much water pours over it! I found out that the first person to ride over the falls was a school teacher in 1901. He conquered the falls in a wooden barrel–and lived to talk about it!

…I couldn’t figure out where they rent wooden barrels… haha!

We are off to bed, then off to Newport, Michagan tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in. Goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Arundel to Niagra: COMPLETE.

  1. Hey guys, glad to see the trip is going great. Nicole and George arein Michigan this week. I think they’re up by Midland. Anyway I love seeing the pics and hearing all aboutthe trip. Keep us posted and we’llkeep praying. Love you guys.Jean and Windy

  2. Hi, Ryan and Denise!I have an atheist friend in Seattle. She says there’s no such thing as God and I tell her there’s no such thing as an atheist. She’s in complete denial. Anyway…What an awesome trip you’re having! Savor every moment and only blink when you’re sleeping. Do you mind if I live vicariously through you? You are in my prayers!LE Hughes

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