going away party…

Well, we’re back at my parents winding down after a great day. We had mini Olympics with volleyball games, synchronized swimming, and intense swimming competitions between Ryan and Eric. The food was great and the weather cleared, so we could enjoy each other’s presence. The air was nostalgic. Thank you to all of you who came–it was a great pleasure to have your support and one last opportunity to bask in your presence. Thank you for your generosity; but most of all, thank you for being a part of our lives. We look forward to continuing our relationships with you through technology; although, I’m realizing already how much we’ll miss all of you. It’s not easy to say good-bye. Thank you mom and dad for throwing us a party, and thank you Larry and Nancy for hosting. Tomorrow… apartment hunting. Keep praying that something will work out. We love you all!

11 thoughts on “going away party…

  1. I’m so happy I found this blog!! I am praying for you guys as you travel across the country! Denise, I am so happy that you are finally able to take a cross-country journey even if I can’t be in the car with you!

  2. We are experiencing some very mixed feelings. We have ourr house back but the kids are definetly going west. We are excited for them but we already miss them. We will be praying for them. Love you two.

  3. I am happy to know that you will keep us all updated on your cross country trip. Will be praying for you guys. Miss you and Love you Vivian

  4. Hey guys! Where are you now? Miss you already. Going to be cold tonight in the 30’s in the mountains..like Kingsbury…thats not going to make you homesick, oh well. Trees are starting to turn already!!! early winter?? hopefully lots of snow for hunting season. Ryan, food plot planted on Saturday is already coming up!!! Deer track in it.

  5. Oh by the way Ryan, since we sold the camper, Tab is getting her new bow on Wednesday night. Bowtech Tomkat!! She is pretty excited. Going to arrow her deer this year. We went over on Sunday and picked it out.

  6. Hi Denise and hubby!!I’ve never met you guys but sure feel like I’ve gotten to know you over the last few years by working for/with your father (Denise).. (hum…that’s like a “trip” in itself.. haha..) You two sure know how to keep your lives exciting and I’m writing to wish you all the best as you venture out. Be safe…. Have fun…God Bless!

  7. Morning you two. Mom and I are drinking our first cups of coffee and reading the comments. I think I may need to do another evaluation on my secretary! Sara just got back from Chicago last night and said the weather was greatso you should be in for a good trip. Ryan,The horizon is not mountains just tall buildings!

  8. Hi,Wow! you are making fast tracks, already in Chicago. Lori is not far from there. She wished you had time to stop up, she would have loved to show you around Milwaukee. Hope you both are getting along, we know from experience, map and sign reading can be stressful.You are so welcome for the party here. We had as much fun as you. Please give us an opportunity for a party…volleyball!! and your friends were so much fun! It was great to have a chance to meet them all….tell them if they are not busy the 4th of July….the party is here. We will be thinking of you!!Love YaLarry and Nancy

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